Coin Laundry in Kansas City, MO

When you like to be in the captain’s seat on laundry day and take care of the washing, drying, and folding yourself, our coin laundry and self-service laundry can be a great option if you don’t have a washer or dryer at home or they are getting repaired. We are happy to provide high-efficiency, large-capacity washing and drying machines for your use. Our coin-operated laundry machines make it easy to pay for however many wash and dry cycles you need to use. If you have extra change lying around, spending it on laundry day can be a great way to lighten up your purse or pockets.

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Units are Well-maintained & Ready to Use

If you don’t have any spare change or don’t like carrying cash, we also participate in an app that can make your laundry day even more efficient. Sometimes, we also like to run promotions that make your laundry day activities more affordable. We value our customers, and we want to make sure that they (and their wallets) know!

We make sure that our units are always well-maintained and ready for you to use. Nothing is more frustrating than heading to a laundromat and finding out the hard way that a dryer or washer is out of order. By keeping our units up-to-date and well-maintained, we ensure that you can wash your clothes and dry your clothes in any of our units with the assurance that they will come out of the units clean, dry, and ready to fold or wear.

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Ozone Sanitization

Laundry day is about more than making your clothes smell and feel good. It’s also about making your clothes free from germs, mold, and other illness-causing agents. To make your clothes safe and healthy to wear, we include ozone sanitation as a primary method of sanitizing clothing in our washers. Every wash cycle includes ozone sanitization.

Hospitals use this kind of sanitization to keep their facilities free from germs, bacteria, mold, and other disease spreaders. Beyond making your clothes unsafe to wear, bacteria and mold can make your clothing and other items harbor horrible odors. When clothes, bedding, and more are properly sanitized with ozone sanitizing methods, they come out smelling as fresh as they are. This is one of the main perks that keep our customers choosing MegaWash in Kansas City, MO.

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