Laundry Pickup & Delivery Services in Kansas City, MO

Let’s face it: Even with convenient washing, drying, and folding services, it’s still sometimes a chore to drive your laundry to the laundromat and pick it up. To make laundry day as easy, breezy, and painless as possible, MegaWash in Kansas City, MO has started offering laundry pickup and delivery services in addition to washing, drying, and folding your clothes. Now, simply click on the Schedule Now button and we will come to you! Laundry Service right at your doorstep and done in a click.

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Wash Dry & Fold Delivery FAQ

How does it work? IT’S SUPER SIMPLE!!

Step 1 – Click “Schedule Now” and fill out your address.
Step 2 – Choose a time that works best for your schedule.
Step 3 – Set out bags prior to pick-up. You’ll get a notification when we’re on our way, and when we have picked up your order.
Step 4 – Your order will be done as quickly as possible, next day returns are very typical. You’ll get a notification as soon as your clothes are done. Then you can pick a time when you want them back that works best for you.

How much is it?

A typical home small trash can bag filled with clothes weighs about 7-10lbs. We charge by the lbs. with a highly accurate verified legal scale. You’ll get a notification of how much it costs after we weigh it via our text message system. Our pricing starts at $2.50/lbs. for mixed clothes and $18 per comforter, all done to your specifications.

Other laundry delivery services charge by the “bag”. This isn’t fair if you have a bag and it’s only filled with 7lbs of clothes ($15.26) versus by the bag for $25-$30 each! We save you money AND give you back your time!

Small Business/Commercial accounts can inquire via email to set up a customized service that works best for you. We tailor to massage therapists, gyms, salons, cleaning companies, and many more.

Leave Laundry Day to the Professionals

As they say, time is money. Whether you are working on a full-time schedule or getting a business off the ground, the time that you spend doing laundry can be time better spent on other activities. We get that doing laundry is the last thing most people want to be doing. At MegaWash, though, we make laundry our business–literally. This means that you can leave laundry day to the professionals and let us pick up your laundry at your convenience and then drop it off once it is done.

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High-tech Delivery Option

Nowadays, you can get takeout, groceries, household items, and even cars delivered to your home. With everything on the table for delivery, we think it’s about time that laundry gets a high-tech delivery option, too. It only makes sense for laundry to be the next best thing for delivery services. We see how much our customers love being able to drop off their clothes, run other errands or go have fun, and then return to pick up freshly laundered and folded items. We like taking that joy a step further by transporting the laundry from their home to our facilities and back.

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